You landed here because you learned that Facebook now forced everyone to share their WhatsApp data with the mother company (Facebook). If you’re in EU. You’re protected by GDPR; hence you can ask Facebook to opt your data out from sharing.

Facebook makes it a little bit sneaky to do so, so we decided to point it out to you directly. You need to send them an . <- this link will compose the email for you.

to: [email protected]

Subject: WhatsApp Support – Objection


Please edit this part to include the information below. Then, hit send. Thanks for contacting WhatsApp.

* Your full name:
* Your email address:
* Your WhatsApp phone number:
* Country where you live:
* Phone model – the make and model of your handset:
* Software version of your phone’s operating system:
* What data processing activity or activities are you objecting to:
* Explain how this processing impacts you:
* Any additional information you believe will help us review your objection:

Hit send and Facebook will process your request.

Note: There is no guarantee that Facebook will the request. They can still reject it.

Reference: WhatsApp FAQ – Objecting to the processing of your personal data

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