Freedom VPN Router – Pro

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pre flashed, pre configured, plug & play VPN router. Pro edition

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What do I get?

  • A plug and play VPN Router, which is based on Tp-Link or Cisco Linksys hardware.
  • Ethernet cable (0.5m-2.0m+)
  • Power Adapter (EU, but works globally with a socket adapter 100v-220v)
  • 1 page of helpful information


Why would I want this?

  • If you want to protect your home network a whole
  • increase your privacy
  • bypass any ISP restrictions on website or VoIP calls
  • Bypass geolocks or geo restrictions.
  • connect devices that cannot be connected to a VPN
  • block ads and malware at a network level
  • Don’t want the hustle of installing VPN apps and setup steps


Features for the techies:

  • The strong and powerful known brand router: TP-Link or Linksys
  • Dual band router (2.4ghz & 5.0ghz)
  • 13 countries to choose from (France, Germany, India, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, UK – London, UK – Manchester, US – East, US – West)
  • 31 Days free VPN access (renewable after)
    • accepted payment: Paypal, credit cards, debit cards, crypto currencies: bitcoin.
  • Plug & Play; even your grandma can use it.
  • Minimum of 10mbps VPN speed (enough to stream Netflix movies, the average NordVPN speed is 5-10 mbps).
  • 4x Ethernet interfaces
  • tech support for any issues
  • future updates and new features (the router flashes itself just like your iPhone)


Struggles we’re solving:

  • Meet Nora: Nora is a Brit living in Spain. Nora has always enjoyed her favourite shows in BBC iPlayer and loves to watch Game of Thrones in Hulu. Because Nora is based in Spain now, she can no longer access both contents due to geo-lock restrictions. To add to that, Nora uses an Apple TV, which can’t get a VPN app installed on. Nora simply installs our router in her living room. With one click from her smart phone she can be in the UK or the USA depending on what she wants to watch at that moment.
  • Meet Josh: Josh works remotely for a US-based company. His company only allows US-based connection to their internal networks. Due to Covid19 Josh has been stuck in Paris. Each time Josh tries to connect to his company internal network he gets blocked by their firewall. Josh uses our router to reallocate himself to USA and connect to his company’s intra-net.
  • Meet Sara: Sara is an expat who recently re-allocated to a country where VoIP calls and access to information is restricted. Sara knows she could just install one of the VPN apps on her smart phone and bypass all the restrictions, however Sara wants a safe and permanent solution for all her phones and laptops. Sara installs one of our router next to her ISP router and enjoys a parallel Wi-Fi which unlocks all the Internet just like she’s back home.
  • and finally meet Khalid: Khalid is a hardcore online gamer who is very competitive, a trait that gets him into troubles sometimes. He got unfairly kicked out an online Call of Duty game server. Khaled waits no time and setup one of our routers next to his PS4 to be able to connect back to the online gaming server in no time